R for Caregivers

1 hour "crash course" to help parents and caregivers make educated decisions when tackling the R sound, including home practice ideas.

Course Summary

As a parent herself, Lindsey knows that caregivers will do anything they can to help their child. It can feel so overwhelming when your child struggles in an area that you're not sure how to address. In this course, Lindsey outlines the key points she wants parents to know as a Speech-Language Pathologist who specializes in treating the R sound. Inside this "crash course" you will find a little over one hour of well organized, easy-to-digest videos that walk you step-by-step through the pertinent information needed to make educated decisions regarding your child's care. It will also provide you with plenty of home practice ideas if you'd like to give additional support at home.

Who is this for?
Any parent or caregiver who has a child who struggles with the R sound- regardless of their child's age or previous speech therapy experience.

Course Curriculum

Lindsey Hockel

Lindsey Hockel, MS, CCC-SLP is the owner and creator behind Speechy Things, LLC and Rock the R™ University. She specializes in the R sound and currently sees a small private caseload of “R kids.” Lindsey knows exactly how it feels to feel stuck and dread the R. Using her own clinical experience and a ridiculous amount research, Lindsey now shares every tip and trick she possibly can to help other SLPs break through barriers and “Rock the R™.” She strives to ensure that every therapy material, speaking engagement, and training video provided by Speechy Things is informative, evidence-based, and even, dare we say, fun. 

Parent Review


I am so grateful that I found Lindsey"

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