Top 5 Tips to Rock the R

The 5 things Lindsey wants every clinician to know when treating the R sound.

Course Summary

 As a practicing clinician with over seven years of experience treating the R sound, Lindsey knows "the struggle is real." For the past several years Lindsey has completely dedicated her career to treating the R sound- both in her business and resource creation. This course consists of the 5 things Lindsey considers most important for SLPs to know when tackling this tricky sound.

Who is this for?
This course is great for SLPs looking to brush up on their R "toolbox" and bolster their confidence as clinicians. This could be considered an intermediate level course.

Course Curriculum

Lindsey Hockel

Lindsey Hockel, MS, CCC-SLP is the owner and creator behind Speechy Things, LLC and Rock the R™ University. She specializes in the R sound and currently sees a small private caseload of “R kids.” Lindsey knows exactly how it feels to feel stuck and dread the R. Using her own clinical experience and a ridiculous amount research, Lindsey now shares every tip and trick she possibly can to help other SLPs break through barriers and “Rock the R™.” She strives to ensure that every therapy material, speaking engagement, and training video provided by Speechy Things is informative, evidence-based, and even, dare we say, fun. 



“Lindsey’s presentation was engaging and insightful. She gave useful tips and tools to better help tailor therapy to each student's individual needs.” 

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